Who is Eddie Rodriquez...?

I am the proud father of a teenage son. I am also a retired New York City Police Officer, I served the department for nearly 15 years. After my decision to retire from the department, I was asked what was I planning on doing with myself? After giving it some thought...,(as if I had to do something, if not for any reason but to keep myself busy), I decided to attend the Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy here in New York.
I myself have been a recipient of massage for over 25 years. I had become interested in massage after my first session, which, I remember left me in a state of euphoria. Not to mention, eased the discomfort, and relieved the stress, as well as ease the tension that I was holding in what I've come to identify as my "trouble spots". Everyone has areas of concern that are "unique" to them, which to some, are specific to their individual job functions, for example; laborers, business executives, professional athletes, dancers, as well as stay at home moms alike.

Upon mastering 8 different modalities, I subsequently obtained my N.Y.S. License in Massage Therapy; a degree in Occupational Therapy, as well as a special certification, from the Nayada Institute to become a Thai Massage Practitioner- Specialist.
During my  tenure with the New York City Police Department, I volunteered at an organization in Soho, known to many as “Friends in Deed”.  After which, I successfully completed a workshop entitled “The Mastery” at “Friends“. This organization provides services, and counseling (psychological, nutritional, and otherwise) for people who are living and dealing with life threatening illnesses, such as HIV/AIDS as well as Cancer. My primary responsibility then, was to be a supporter for those who were in need of their services, which were to provide emotional support to the clients, as well as being an active participant in the current workshops and seminars, by helping to coordinate logistics, preparing meals, and assisting in the behind the scenes organizing of these “Mastery” workshops.
The power of touch has proven to provide me, and just about anyone else I've known, who has has some sort of experience of receiving massage, exceptional physiological changes in the body, which has allowed all those who are in need of making the mind and body connection....possible.

So what else could be more gratifying to me than to be able to perform the "Art of Massage" professionally and legitimately on people, in the hopes of helping others heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

I also became a sponsor for a team that I have a special affinity for called
AGAPE, which specializes in fund raising for HIV/AIDS, Leukemia and other blood related disorders. (You can also find me on the team's participant and sponsor pages.) I decided to join team AGAPE after having met and spoken to its team Founder & Captain, Angel Rivera.  My affiliation with the team started when Angel asked me if I would be interested in providing my services to the team’s 2005 grand prize winner?  Not only did I agree to it, I decided to become an active team member, as well as one of the team’s sponsors!…  THE REST IS HISTORY!

Eddie Rodriguez, L.M.T.
Licensed Massage Therapist